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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Wallpaper Trends

wallpaper trends

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Murals, Wallpaper custom and digital murals

Murals, Wallpaper and custom murals - individualise your look

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Decorate with Window Blinds and Shades

Best window blinds and shades ideas

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Decorate with Bamboo Wallpaper

Decorate with Bamboo Wallpaper

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How to Cut Bamboo Wallcovering

Use this technique to cut bamboo wallcovering quickly and easily

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Commercial wallpaper installer tampa

If you are looking for a commercial wallpaper installer in Tampa, you have come to the right place

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Types of commercial wallpapers

Explains basic commercial wallpapers construction types and backing materials

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Designer-Wallcoverings Pictures - WallCovering Photo Gallery

A gallery of Designer-WallCoverings Pictures. The photos are grouped by themes, and come with explanations and links to more information about the wallcovering

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Commercial wallpaper installer Tampa Florida

Commercial wallpaper installer in Tampa Florida

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ceiling wallpaper

Discover many different uses for ceiling wallpaper

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Textured Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Images of textured wallpaper on the ceiling

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Bathroom Decor Ideas to Decorate with Wallpaper

Bathroom Decor Ideas Using Wallpaper

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WallCovering Installation and Removal

Professional WallCovering Installation and Removal

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Tattoowall murals

Tattoowall murals is the direct transfer of color pigments onto any surface

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Why Decorate with WallCoverings?

When deciding on a theme for a room, you can decorate with wallcoverings to give you so many options

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Vahallan Papers Paper of the Month (September)

Introducing Berwyn and Brixton to the Vahallan Torn Paper Collection of wallcoverings.

Berwyn - has our new directional lines representing darker earth tones accented by metallics.

Brixton - Diamond embossed browns and tans give this pattern an ostrich like look and feel.

Proper Wallpaper Preparation Tips

Instructions on how to properly prepare for wallpaper preparation

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Wallpapering, DIY, Do It Yourself,

This section introduces you to wallpapering. It includes an overview, safety and useful terms

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Wallpaper removal; How to Remove Wallpaper

The Best tips on how to remove wallpaper and wallpaper removal

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Weathered-Stone Images

Weathered-Stone Images

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Eco-friendly decorating

I recently came across an article that talks about eco-friendly decorating- a subject that I am becoming more and more passionate about. Bernadette Upton, from EcoDecor in North Palm Beach offered these tips especially for parents to take care in Baby's Room:

She states that typically, parents bring baby home to the sickest room in the house. Her suggestions include:

Use only eco-friendly paints, such as Benjamin Moore's Eco-Spec, Sherwin Williams HealthSpec or ICI Dulux Paints Lifemaster 2000

Furnish the room with recycled solid wood furniture and repaint it. Avoid the stuff made from particleboard.

Wood floors are best. If you use area rugs, make sure they are 100% cotton with no synthetic dyes.

She suggests you should avoid using vinyl wallpapers as they can trap moisture and help grow mold. This is true of older style wallpapers - however the new non-woven wallpaper selections will have you changing the way you think about decorating with wallpaper and borders. This new generation of wallcovering installs as easily as painting the wall and are environmentally friendly. Also, remember, the grasscloths, bamboos and other natural wallcoverings which are stylish and always environmentally friendly

Grasscloth Wallcoverings

Grasscloth wallcoverings photographs

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Hand Crafted Torn Paper

Create beautiful walls with hand crafted torn paper

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The psychology of color

Color definitely affects your emotions, so it is important to get the right balance.

Each color has its own characteristics:

Red - is an intense color; use it to create a cosy, intimate feel

Yellow - is cheerful and optimistic and brightens any space

Pink - is soft and feminine. It adds romance and a touch of tranquility

Orange - provides a feeling of warmth and adds sensuality to a room

Wallcoverings add a depth and richness to a room that paint alone never can. Don't forget to check out our gallery of pictures to show how textured wallcoverings enliven a room

Textured Wallcovering

Textured wallcovering provides an environmentally friendly look

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"green" wallcoverings

I am always interested in ways to decorate that use "green" or sustainable materials that have less of a negative impact on the environment. Bamboo and grasscloths are certainly one way to go. I recently came across another new innovative material that is also eco-friendly "Ammolite." This is a wall covering that is created from woven glass yarns and colored in a unique, eco-friendly process.

This material is a woven product that is see through; you paint the walls and install the wall-covering on top allowing you to create unlimited color combos.

It can bring style and flare to old or newly painted walls; is Class A Fire rated; sustainable - simply repaint to redecorate and durable, washable and scrubbable.

Weathered Stone Gallery

Pictures of Weathered Stone

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Brown Bagging

Brown Bagging for Faux Effect

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Article on Stoney Brook Torn Paper

Learn more about Stoney Brook Torn Paper faux effects

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