Fabulous, innovative uses for grasscloth wallcoverings

All pictures in this gallery were installed by Hunter WallCoverings:

These pictures show grasscloth wallcoverings installed "on point" or in squares to give a different effect to the grasscloth.

Grasscloth can also be installed this way in diagonals, to again give an interesting effect to the texture on the walls. 

Grasscloth can also be installed to great effect on ceilings.

Below, the pictures show grasscloth installed to effectively highlight the cove mouldings on a ceiling 

Here, grasscloth is used to provide a highlight on an accent wall. In this example, the designer has achieved an "oriental effect" with the grasscloth wallcovering. 

In this model home, the designer has continued the oriental design theme. However, she has varied the use of texture by using a cork wallcovering to great effect behind the bed. 

Finally, these photographs show bamboo "railroaded." This means the paper is installed running horizontal instead of vertical.

When installed below a chair-rail, this technique allows the bamboo to be hung without showing any visible seams. This technique can also be utilized with grasscloth. 

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