Wallpaper Trends to make you Fall in Love with Wallpaper all over again

The headlines might continue to trumpet the “return” of wallpaper because the new designs aren't “your grandmother's wallpaper.” But, as far as I can tell in my business – wallpaper has never gone away! Yes, it's true. People still decorate with wallcoverings. And if you want your home to look smart, sophisticated, upmarket, posh – pick your adjective – then I definitely recommend that you pick your wallcovering. So, let's examine what the “new” wallpaper trends might be in 2012.

I am prepared to concede that there has been a battle going on between paint and wallpaper. And that in the 1980s and 1990s it looked like paint was going to win because everyone went all high tech and “minimalist” and designers were ripping down wallpaper with wild abandon. But, let's face it; plain painted walls can "Never" compete with the complexity, depth, texture and richness of wallcoverings.

Also, a quiet revolution has been occurring in the wallpaper industry. A look at the new millennium reveals that wallpaper trends have manufacturers changing the way that wallpaper is made, generating new materials that are easy-to-hang and allow much greater design flexibility.

New techniques came along like the “peel and stick wallpapers” which are easy to hang. “Self-Adhesive Vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper adheres to any clean, smooth, dry surface. It's "like a stronger version of a Post-it note," says Patrick Walker, president of 4Walls, a wallpaper firm in Cleveland.

Not to mention the design revolution that has been taking place with murals –especially graphic murals. You can create custom wall murals --digitally printed high resolution wallpaper prints specifically tailored to your decor or interests. Now you can bring your photo or design to life in your favorite room, for all to enjoy. It really is easy to personalize your space – whether it be for home or office.

What else is new in wallpaper trends for 2012? It is no secret by now that Pantone the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industry, has announced Tangerine Tango as the color of the year for 2012. Tangerine Tango, is “a spirited reddish orange” and continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward,’ says Pantone.

Of course, orange might not be to everyone's taste. But Tangerine Tango is a predictor of other wallpaper trends for 2012 – namely the use of bold colors – Reds, Greens Oranges, Yellows, etc. Bright hues are being used this year to boost up our moods.

There are some fabulous wallpapers out there that incorporate these bright colors. I love Thibauts facebook page where they have listed out their wallpapers that fall into this fun category Thibaut Tangerine Tango My favorite is of Thibauts tangerine tango range is Hunterdon from their Fairfax Collection.

But I predict that these bold colors will fit in with another wallpaper trend that I have witnessed in the past year and predict will continue to be popular in 2012 – namely the use of wallpaper to accentuate one wall.

This use of cork and bright color on one accent wall incorporates all the wallpaper trends for 2012 - bright hues and natural fibres. 

The continued use of natural materials to complement the growing eco-friendly decorating trend is another wallpaper trend for 2012. Gina Shaw, vice president of product development for York Wallcoverings says adding to the natural look are also what she describes as soft and sophisticated touches of metallic, sometimes used in surprising combinations with natural materials. "Look for cork wallpapers with hints of gold and silver metallic. Pearlized finishes also add subtle sheen and sophistication," she suggests.

Natural elements in decorating also have helped to revitalize interest in grasscloth. "Grasscloth is very popular due to its natural and neutral qualities. The demand for grasscloth is not going anywhere soon," says Paula Berberian, creative services manager, for Brewster Home Fashions. "Grasscloth wallpapers continue to reinvent themselves with new materials and colors that are lovely to decorate with.”

This paper from Phillip Jeffries combines both aspects of natural material and bright color with their Manilla Hemp Tangerine. 

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