Beautiful hand crafted torn paper

Create an elegant unique appearance on your walls by using hand crafted torn paper.

Stoney Brook™ and Vahallan Paper known as torn paper adds richness, style and warmth to any room.

Stoney Brook™ has over 80 Color Creations, and Vahallan has over 60 handmade colors. Countless accent tones and Custom colors can be developed to match any Décor

Hand Crafted Torn paper is unique as it is applied in randomly torn pieces to create seamless walls with no repeating patterns. It can be easily repaired, simply by adding another piece of paper over the damaged area.

Stoney Brook™ paper can be customized by adding accents such as specs in black, brown, copper, white or silver to name a few, or veining which can be done in gold silver white and black.

Vahallan papers are separated into the following groups:

Classic Styles - Classic hand-made papers feature our oldest and widest selections of colors and depths.

Black Reserve - Black Reserve line is hand-painted on a black paper base that gives you the ultimate in texture. These papers give the illusion of immense color depth.

Accents - Accents give you the ability to enhance any of our hand-made colors by adding a metallic flourish.

Hand crafted Torn paper simply offers a distinctive look to any room - no two rooms will ever look the same.

Torn paper offers a unique twist on faux finished walls that provides more color, depth, texture and warmth than any faux painted wall could.

To read more about the faux effects of Stoney Brook Torn Paper Click Here

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